1420 N 45th St | Seattle, WA 98103

Recreational & Commercial Propane

We really do know how to fill your specialty propane tanks. All of us. Really!

We have a cool set of 4 - count ‘em - 4 different types of adaptors. And we know how to use them. Truth is, we’ve never had a propane tank brought in we couldn’t hook up to and fill, so we mean it when we say ‘If you can bring it, we can fill it’!

Forklift tanks? Please.

Strange-sized and weirdly-shaped tanks from the boat? All day.

Scary, tall commercial tanks used by roofers and contractors and the like? We love them.

Westfalia RV’s with the hard-to-reach nozzle that most places can’t figure out? Oh yeah!

And our convenient drive-through filling area is great for oversized vehicles and we are open for business 24/7.


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