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Seattle Propane Prices

We offer propane refills and tank exchange for almost any commercial or residential use. But today’s smart propane users have learned the best bargains are found by refilling, rather than doing a tank exchange.


Tank Exchange

  • A shiny new tank prefilled with propane!
  • Drop off your tank and leave with a new one
  • Quick and easy

Exchange  pre-filled 5-gallon tank  ...  $28.99


Tank Purchase

  • Come in empty handed and leave a Propane Master
  • Amazing $10 off deal when you buy a spare tank

Purchase pre-filled 5-gallon tank … $56.99
Purchase a spare when you refill or exchange … $46.99


All prices plus tax.  Minimum refill 2 gallons.  Exchange pricing honored when you bring in any 5-gallon barbeque-style tank.  


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